ABout Peter Bechtel

Peter Bechtel

President of CareONE Concierge
Peter Bechtel is President of CareONE Concierge, a company that uses innovative technology solutions to help providers meet quality measures without disrupting the practice’s workflow. CareONE Concierge offers a range of products that include “Clinical Triggers,” HCC Risk Adjustment, Chronic Care Management, Population Health Management, Gap Analysis, Patient Engagement systems, Remote Patient Management and Medication Therapy Management components. The company’s newest product, “THEO,” allows patients to self-administer the health risk assessment thereby helping practices achieve 85% or more completion rates of the wellness visits each year. CareONE Concierge is now the leader in Annual Wellness Visit fulfillment programs nationwide.
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Copyright © 2021 Prescrxptivecommunications.com. All rights reserved.
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